DATES: 22nd - 23rd July 2015

The responsibility of a Supervisor is to attain Unit Goals and the Task gets difficult with all the Barriers and Pressures placed on today's Supervisor.

Also, the Supervisor is expected to perform well and achieve results through and with the support of the Job Holders.
Not only must the Supervisor Plan, Organize and Monitor work, but must also manage the People who work for him-her and must do it in such a way that the effort result in increased productivity.
The Seminar presents a systematic approach to Problem-solving and Decision-making. This approach is called AID Process – a process that includes skills and techniques to help you Analyze, Investigate and decide.

  • Provide Programme Participants with Insights, Skills and Techniques to help deal with the problems and pressure they face daily
  • Identify the Five Principles for Effective Supervision
  • Describe the benefits of applying each of the principles in day-to-day activities
  • Identify opportunities on the job where principles could be applied
  • Use Effective Communication Skills to obtain Information
  • Listen, Understand and use Information appropriately
  • Apply the Cause and Effect Analysis for Problem Solution
  • Apply Rules of Brainstorming to generate Alternative Solutions

  • The Role of the Supervisor

  • Day-Two:
  • Problem Solving for Key Results – Investigating
  • Problem Solving for Key Results – Analyzing
  • Problem Solving for Key Results – Deciding
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