Professional Selling Skills Programme

DATES:  22nd - 23rd March (Accra)
13th - 14th September (Accra)
FEE: (Public) GHS 1500.00 per participant,  (In-House) GHS 1300.00 per participant 
Customer Sophistication, Fierce Competition, Price Obsession, Complex Sales Cycles, Globalization, Changes in Buying Behaviors -  even in the face of these challenges, New Sales Opportunities are Pursued and Won.

To capitalize on these possibilities, a Salesperson must have Superior Selling Skills that build Customer trust and Differentiate you from your Competitors.

Achieve Global's Professional Selling Skills can help you develop these skills.

A Research-based Programme, the Professional Selling Skills Programme equips you with Selling and Key Interaction Skills that enable you to lead mutually beneficial Sales Conversations with your Customers even with those who are indifferent or express concerns.


Professional Selling Skills provides an effective and flexible approach to Learning, Applying, Evaluating  continuously the skills that result in Strong Customer Relationships.

Building on the Selling Skills and Strategies that have benefited more than 3 Million Sales Professionals around the world, the programme has components that work together to improve Sales Performance and help you compete effectively in the marketplace.

The components are designed to provide you with a variety of Training Delivery Options and to address all elements required for Training to produce a return on your Sales Development Investment.


Salespersons develop the face-to-face Selling Skills needed to promote an open exchange of information and reach mutually beneficial Sales Agreements.


Participants will learn how to effectively Open Calls in a positive and productive way.

This section also helps participants to:

  • Learn how a Strategic Call Objective guides interactions
  • Examine how and why it's important to reach agreement with the Customer on what will be covered or accomplished during the Call
  • Explore how opening a Call with an Existing Customer differs from opening a Call with a New Customer
  • Discuss how to move the call from Rapport Building to the Business at hand


Participants will learn how to use Effective Questions to gather information and build a Clear, Complete, Mutual understanding of a Customer's Needs.

This section also helps Participants to:

Explore how and why it's important to uncover the circumstances driving the Customer's Need, as well as the Need behind the Need

Examine different Questioning Techniques
Learn the guide the Direction of a Sales Call by striking an appropriate balance between Open and Closed Probes
Learn to Probe in a way that facilitates an Open Exchange of Information


Participants will examine how to provide information that helps the Customer make an informed Buying Decision.

This section also helps Participants to:

  • Explore the Best Time  and the most Powerful Persuasive Way to talk about Offering and Organisation
  • Learn to demonstrate how each feature will benefit the Customer
  • Learn the importance of acknowledging each Need before introducing Product/Service Benefits
  • Explore the consequences of Supporting a Customer's Need prematurely


Participants learn to recognize when a Customer is prepared to move ahead in the Sales Cycle.

This section also helps Participants to:

  • Practice a Three-Step Process for securing Customer Commitment to next steps in the Sales Cycle
  • Explore the difference between Closing the Sale and continuing the Sales Process
  • Learn how to handle a Customer who stalls in response to a Close
  • Learn the best way to terminate a relationship that's not Mutually beneficial


    Your Salespersons Will:
  • Gain the Skills Critical to developing Solid Business Relationships while improving Sales Performance
  • Increase their Long-term Effectiveness by becoming Knowledgeable Business Consultants
  • Acquire Critical Skills efficiently through Learner-focused Activities
  • Gain a reliable method for continually Evaluating and Improving Skills development
    Your Customers Will Profit From:
  • Lasting Relationships with Salespersons who understand their Business Reality
  • Products/Services that address their Specific Organizational and Personal Needs
  • Buying decisions that are based on Fact, not High-pressure Sales tactics