The Art of Narrative Management Programme

DATES:  9th March (Accra)
24th June (Accra)
12th November (Accra)
FEE: (Public) GHS 960.00 per participant,  (In-House) GHS 800.00 per participant

Are you tapping into the great African story tradition? Is your organisation living its story? Is your company merging with an organisation that arrives with its own work story?
  • Stories have the power to influence organisations as much as they do individuals.
  • Stories break open stuck assumptions. They challenge paradigms that no longer serve.
In this workshop you'll tap into great African stories, folk tales and myths. You'll explore this resource and tradition in relation to your work stories and the hidden behavioral patterns that lie beneath the organisational surface. "Policy manuals are no-no's today. But anarchy's not in either. So how do we let people know what's important around here without constraining them-the best way, as i see it-stories" (Tom Peters).
  • Stories hide in company mission statements
  • They impact on how we involve ourselves and invest in our work
  • Personal work histories influence the way people commit (or don't commit) to shared aims
  • Unconscious stories can sabotage an organisation
  • Conscious stories allow choices, offer growth and facilitate transformation


  • Give you an understanding of how stories work
  • Explain the power of good storytelling in the workplace
  • Give you insights into how myths and archetypes operate at work
  • Show you how stories influence the work place and impact on a company's health
  • Help you develop the ability to tell a good story


  • A powerful intervention
  • An individual processing tool
  • A clear understanding of how stories influence work performance and ethics (for better or for worse)
  • A way to increase confidence insights into professional and personal relationships


  • Understand their work at a deeper level
  • Change the work story they are living
  • Replenish their power and energy
  • Resolve issues
  • Make decisions
  • Learn how to use storytelling, a universal form of communication, at work


  • Chief Executives
  • Chief Directors
  • Directors
  • Managing Directors
  • Divisional Directors
  • Functional Heads
  • Sectional Heads
  • Lecturers
  • Heads of Institutions
  • Coordinating Directors
  • Managers
  • Decision Makers
  • Strategic Planners


Dr Dorian Haarhoff is a story-teller and a writer with a range of publications to his name. He is a former professor of English Literature at the University of Namibia where he worked for 20 years. He brings with him a deep belief in, a passion for and a keen understanding of the power of stories in professional and personal life. Dorian, through his skills, experience and insights, uses storytelling as a means of creating new realities and opportunities.

He has travelled around Africa and elsewhere facilitating storytelling and writing workshops based on his texts. The Writer's Voice, A workbook for Writers in Africa and The Halo and the Noose, The Power of Storytelling and Story Listening in Business Life (Co-authored).

Dorian has also worked in the Ivory Coast, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. He has thrice been invited as a story-teller to the Conference on the World Affairs in Boulder Colorado. Since 1998 he has run his own consulting company, Creative Workshops.


"Thank you for a fascinating time with you. It has opened up a whole new realm of thinking for me as to how i run my life, and how we communicate our business in Africa." - Rob De Groot, Standard Bank, Head: Brand Marketing Africa

"Your workshop was astounding and it left my team with the most awesome energy that bounced off the walls for an entire week." - Peter Marais, Joe Public Advertising, Johannesburg

"This Training Programme has opened my eyes to the abundant richness of an aspect of African culture which had not been sufficiently exploited in recent times. Who would have thought that simple Ananse stories of the Akan ethnic group of Ghana, for example, are so full of wisdom and wisecracks to the extent that they could be used to enrich Management Decisions at the Workplace. I recommend this programme to all organisations who are looking for innovative ways of training their Human Resource." - Sam Poku, Chief Executive Officer, Business Council for Africa (BCA Ghana)

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