DATES: 7th May (Accra)
10th September (Accra)
FEE: GHS 400.00 per participant
No matter what product or service you sell, the selling environment has become more competitive and customers are sophisticated. Therefore, salespeople have to be much better prepared to handle competition effectively.

The only way to outsell the competition is to out think them. Touting your company's products and services is no longer enough to win in today's increasingly competitive marketplace even if your salespeople are experts at it.

Today's sales professionals are expected to understand their customers and their competition to the same extent they understand their own company, products and services. More precisely, they need to know in any given customer situation how your offerings fit the needs of your customers more effectively than those of your competitors and how best to communicate that information.

Selling Against the Competition presents concepts and skills that will help you to be more effective in competitive selling situations. Using these skills back on the job will give you the edge to outsell your competition and gain a bigger share of the market.

Selling Against the Competition provides your salespeople with analytical and strategic process for uncovering customer needs, assessing strengths and weaknesses, identifying and communicating competitive advantages as well as anticipating and preparing to overcome competitor inroads.

During the programme, your salespeople will apply what they learn to one of their existing sales accounts, evaluating your competitors and developing new strategies to begin outselling them immediately.


    This unit has two parts:
      1. Organising Competitive Information
    • dentify key competitors
    • Gather information about key competitors and the product(s)/service(s) they offer
    • Compare information about each key competitor to information about your product(s)/service(s)
    • 2. Planning a Probing Strategy
    • Determine the competitive challenge
    • Uncover needs for your exclusive benefits

    Handling customer attitudes
  • Skepticism
  • Indifference
  • Objection due to misunderstanding
  • Objection due to drawback

    Your salespeople will:
  • Increase their ability to succeed in competitive situations by using analysis and sales in a more strategic fashion
  • Shorten sales cycles by using the information and resources at their disposal to represent the full capabilities they bring to a customer situation, highlighting competitive advantage more quickly and clearly
  • Decrease occurrences of losing business to indirect competitors (for example, internal projects, competing priorities)

  • Your customers will:
  • View your salespeople as Trusted Advisors who understand their business and the challenges they encounter
  • Increase ability to differentiate among competing proposals and more quickly come to decisions and commence implementation/use
  • Make more informed decisions that hinge on how proposed solutions will progress core goals

  • Your organisation will:
  • Protect market share in a crowded marketplace
  • Realize efficiencies in cost of sales (shorter sales cycles, better return on sales investments through improved win ratios)
  • Leverage marketing, product development, and other investments by integrating them into sales activities and communications

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