Genuine Leadership Skills Training

DATES:  15th January (Accra),  
                  26th – 27th April (Accra) 
                    8th to 9th November (Accra)
FEE:        Public:  GH¢1500 ( Ex. of VAT) per participant   In- House Fee:  GH¢1300 ( Ex. of VAT) per participant 
The business environment, which once got tougher and tougher year after year-now gets tougher day after day and surviving in a challenging economy and marketplace, working more efficiently, delivering solid customer service, meeting the demands of organizational stakeholders, and maintaining quality control are just a few of the key issues organizations face.

Gaining a competitive advantage in light of these challenges is essential for survival and that is why leaders-from executives to individual contributors, need effective skills to propel the organizations to new heights.

These skills can help every manager:

  • Contribute and communicate effectively 
  • Feel valued and capable in their jobs
  • Build collaboration, personal initiative and trust
  • Develop their abilities to manage people and projects
  • Understand their roles in the big picture of organisational success

Achieve Global's Frontline Leadership Skills Programme provides these skills.

The Frontline Leadership Skills Programme provides a systematic approach to leadership development-one that builds motivated, loyal workforce capable of reaching new levels of productivity.

    Why Achieve Global

  • Results Driven
  • Research-based
  • Behaviour-based Learning
  • Tried, proven and trusted applications for all levels of organizations

Programme Architecture

Frontline Leadership Skills Programme is a training programme designed to support managers in their expanded leadership role at the frontline of organizational performance.

The behavior modeling format employs realistic examples, discussion, practice, feedback, and panning activities that build skills and encourage their transfer to the workplace.

The Basic Principles of Leadership 

Understanding the frontline leader's expanding role-learning the value of Programme Skills in meeting these new challenges; using the basic principles as the foundation of the programme skills.

Giving Constructive Feedback

Learning ways to deliver objective, straightforward feedback as valuable, understandable and usable information.

Getting Your Ideas Across

Developing techniques for explaining tough decisions or complicated, possibly unpopular ideas that are prone to misunderstanding by employees.

Recognising Positive Results

Going beyond feedback by adding the motivating element of personal appreciation for a job well done.

Programme Road Map

    Day One:
  • Your role & the basic principles
  • Giving constructive feedback
    Day Two:
  • Getting your ideas across
  • Recognizing positive results
    Target  Audience
  • Managers
  • Functional Heads
  • Sectional Heads
  • Decision Makers
  • Decision Planners
  • Administrators
  • Coordinators

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